Putin Accuses Western Countries of Escalation in Ukraine

Western countries are adding fuel to the conflict in Ukraine by holding exercises in the Black Sea and flying military aircraft 20 kilometres from Russia’s border, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.


According to him, they do not take Russian warnings seriously enough and should give Moscow serious security guarantees.

Talks about the conflict in eastern Ukraine, where Russia has stationed tens of thousands of soldiers on the border, have reached a dead end, according to Putin. And by cutting ties with Russia, NATO has destroyed all channels of dialogue, Putin lamented. However, he reiterated that he was open to talks, including with the US.

The Russian troop movements are fueling fears in Ukraine that an attack may be imminent. A British general previously warned that the likelihood of a military conflict between the West and Russia has not been as great as it is now for decades.

Putin further accused the West of causing the migrant crisis in his ally Belarus. President Lukashenko’s regime has brought thousands of people from the Middle East, but they have encountered heavily guarded borders in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. As a result, those countries see Russia as a major threat.

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