Psychiatrist Britney Spears Died

Psychiatrist Britney Spears died just before a Court Case. The doctor responsible for the medical treatment of Britney Spears (37) died suddenly.


Psychiatrist Timothy Benson (48) is said to have died from the effects of an aneurysm, a dilation of a blood vessel, according to the reports.

His death comes just a few weeks before the judge would consider the treatment of the singer by the doctor.

The court would receive a report from an independent assessor within ten days and on that basis,

 determine whether the medical care that the singer received was appropriate.

Britney’s mother Lynn asked questions about the care that her daughter received.

She doubts whether Timothy Benson did prescribe the right medication at the time the singer was struggling with severe mental health problems.

Brit has had turbulent months.

In April, she went to a clinic to work on psychological problems.

Although Britney herself did not say anything about the problems she was struggling with,

 she could not cope well with her father Jamie’s illness.

She also got off the road once after divorce in 2007 from Kevin Federline.

Also, made world news when she shaved her head and attacked a paparazzo with an umbrella.

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