Prosecutors Demand Imprisonment Against Mayor Istanbul

Turkish prosecutors have demanded a prison sentence of up to four years against the mayor of Istanbul. Ekrem Imamoglu is suspected of insulting the electoral council, according to Turkish media.


The opposition member contradicts the accusations. He admits to having expressed criticism, but according to him, it was a political discussion.

Imamoglu won the 2019 mayoral election in Turkey’s largest city. That led to marrying the AK party of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who complained about irregularities. The Electoral Council then decided that the elections should be repeated. Imamoglu, who is a member of the CHP opposition party, then won again. That was a blow to Erdogan, who used to be mayor of the city himself.

The haggling about election fraud now has legal consequences for the mayor. At the time, he had strongly criticized the electoral council’s decision. According to local media, the politician called the re-election terrible for Turkey’s international standing. He would also have labelled responsible officials for fools.

Prosecutors are now pushing for a prison sentence of 1 to 4 years for Imamoglu. He could then temporarily disappear from the political scene. The mayor is seen as a possible candidate to take on Erdogan on behalf of the opposition in the 2023 presidential election.

The current president was mayor of the metropolis in the 1990s and reported there again on Friday. He opened the first mosque at the great Taksim Square. Thousands of people immediately came to that. In many cases, they had to pray outside because the house of prayer was quickly full.

As mayor, Erdogan spoke shame about the fact that there was no mosque on the square. The authorities shared a video from 1994 via Twitter on Friday. It shows mayor Erdogan pointing to the place where he wanted to build a place of worship. It concerns the place where the new Taksim mosque now stands.

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