President Joe Biden: America is on the Move Again

In a speech in Congress on Wednesday (local time), US President Joe Biden said that America is “moving again.” “America is ready to take off,” said Biden.


“We’re back at work, back to dreaming, back to exploring, leading the world again. We’ve shown each other and the world: there’s no giving up in America.”

“A hundred days ago, the American house was on fire,” Biden outlined the country he found when he took power from Donald Trump in January. The coronavirus was spreading, the corona pandemic weighed down the economy, and the storming of the Capitol rocked American democracy to its foundations. But America “is always struggling to get up,” Biden assured.

As expected, the president announced his intention to allocate $ 1800 billion for a new economic support package for citizens. The money goes to education, childcare and tax cuts for families, among other things. In his view, everything should be aimed at rebuilding the economy and fighting inequality in the country with “the largest job plan since World War II”.

Biden said working-class Americans had been ignored, and his plans give them a chance. “You feel left behind and forgotten in an economy that is rapidly changing. I want to talk to you directly,” said the Democrat before promising Americans “well-paying jobs that cannot be outsourced.” To finance his plans, he wants to implement tax increases for wealthy Americans and companies.

During the speech, the president frequently reiterated his near-daily mantra that “America is back.” Both to recover from the coronavirus disaster and to leave the turbulence of the Trump era behind. When it comes to foreign policy, he underscored Washington’s return to international partnerships damaged under Trump.

On domestic issues, Biden came up with a long wish list. They include police reforms, pro-immigrant reforms and gun control, all of which are sensitive issues in US politics.

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