Police Find 220,000 Euros in Rotterdam Dustbin

The police found 220,000 euros in a Dustbin in a house in Rotterdam on Tuesday evening. Earlier in the evening, agents in a car found more than 30,000 euros.


The more than 30,000 euros was discovered after the officers on the Boezemweg had seen a suspicious car drive. After a chase, the co-driver got off at the Philip Vingboonsstraat.

From a man on a porch, he was handed a package, after which he boarded again. When inspecting the vehicle, the police subsequently found a plastic bag containing more than 30,000 euros.

Then it was also decided to search the property at the Philip Vingboonsstraat. There, 220,000 euros were found in a garbage can. The money is confiscated. The two men in the car and the man in the house have been arrested for money laundering. It is a 44-year-old man from Dutch Limburg and two men aged 33 and 43 without a fixed place of residence.

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