Poland Offers Citizens Basic Military Training

Poland offers its citizens aged 18 to 65 basic military training. During the one-day training, the volunteers will learn how to shoot, handle weapons and read maps, the Ministry of Defense said.

The training sessions are held at 17 army bases in the country. They take place on Saturdays in October and November. Due to the war in neighbouring Ukraine, there has been an urgency in Poland to increase its army, for which there have been plans for some time.

In July, it was decided that mail deliverers would be eligible for firearms training. That, too, was voluntarily. These training courses are provided by the Territorial Defense Force, a branch of the Polish Armed Forces.

The Polish army currently numbers 110,000 soldiers, with a further 30,000 men and women serving in the Territorial Defense Force. The government is aiming for figures of 250,000 and 50,000 respectively.

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