Pilots May Stop Again If Ryanair Remains Silent

Pilots may Stop again if Ryanair remains Silent. The strikes of Ryanair pilots may be followed up. Ryanair did not hear anything after Friday’s strikes, and that is why new operations may be planned, according to the Dutch pilots union VNV.


According to VNV spokesman Joost van Doesburg, the German colleagues from the VC pilots’ union have not heard from the Irish airline.

“If you do not hear from them and you are going to discuss with European colleagues, what can you do more than plan new actions?”

This week, European pilots’ unions are meeting to address the course to be taken. During these negotiations, much attention needed for Irish trade union colleagues.

They are currently at the table with a mediator and Ryanair.

Breaking the situation in Ireland is widely seen as the key to solving the Europe-wide conflict.

VNV questions the will of Ryanair to come to a solution. In several countries has already been stopped.

As a result, holiday plans of thousands of travellers were disturbed to a greater or lesser extent.

On Friday, 396 flights were cancelled
On Friday, Dutch Ryanair pilots ceased after the court rejected objections from the airline.

Colleague pilots in Ireland, Germany, Sweden and Belgium also engaged in the strike. As a result, a total of 396 flights were cancelled.

Pilots and cabin crew from Ryanair have heard since the summer of 2017 because they want more workers’ rights.

Ryanair applies Irish law throughout Europe because the planes are registered there.

Irish law generally offers less protection than the Dutch. If there are new actions, they must be announced 72 hours in advance.

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