One in Three Corona Infections is Now A British Variant

The British variant of the coronavirus is continuing its advance in Belgium. In the first week of February, one in three infections was already with that variant.


On the other hand, the South African variant accounts for just under 5 percent of infections in Belgium. This variant is worrying because it is not clear whether the vaccines are sufficiently effective against it.

South Africa suspended its vaccination campaign with the AstraZeneca vaccine because there is no evidence that this vaccine is effective enough against the South African corona variant. The World Health Organization continues to recommend the vaccine, even if variants are present in a country.

Meanwhile, the plateau phase in the pandemic in our country continues said Van Gucht. Infection rates are falling, and after six days of slight increases, hospital admissions are also falling.

“Given the difficult context of cold winter weather, the emergence of the British variant and open schools, this is an encouraging result. But the plateau remains high. The risks of new flare-ups are still high.”

The number of diagnosed infections decreased by 13 percent. “We see declines in all age groups”. “There are now decreases of -14 percent in children and teenagers, but we see the largest decrease in the eighty and ninety percentages: -25 and -35 percent respectively.”

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