Number of New Infections in Belgium is Stabilizing

The number of corona patients admitted to Belgian hospitals continues to increase, as does the number placed in intensive care units.


But the number of new infections is stabilizing, and hospital admissions are increasing less quickly, according to health authorities.

“At the beginning of this week, we saw the first bright spots. This trend appears to be continuing,” said virologist Steven Van Gucht at a press conference at the crisis centre. “The delay is not a day too early. But a slower rise or stabilization is not enough. We all have to bring the figures back drastically.”

The number of new infections fell by 4 percent every week between 25 and 31 October to 14,235 per day. Last week there was an average of 692 new hospital admissions per day (+26 percent).

There are 7,485 patients in hospital with Covid-19, more than at the peak of the first wave. The ICs are now caring for 1351 sick people, even more than in the spring.

Van Gucht expects the number of IC patients to increase further. “But hopefully we will stay below the maximum capacity.” This is 2000 beds for all of Belgium. “Forecasts currently speak of a maximum occupancy of 1,800 intensive care beds within two weeks,” said the virologist.

Currently, an average of 136 people per day in Belgium dies from the virus.

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