No More Foreign Aid Needed in Israel Forest Fires

The danger of the wildfires near Jerusalem has decreased after three days. The fire service has informed Homeland Security Secretary Omer Bar-Lev that international help fighting fires is no longer needed.


The fire has not yet been completely extinguished, but it is expected that it will be within 24 hours.

On Monday, Israel asked for help from other countries. Greece had already pledged support, and Turkey and Cyprus are also said to have done so. The Palestinian Authority has sent five fire trucks. In the morning, eight fire-fighting planes and a helicopter had resumed operations

Thousands of people had to leave their homes when the fire broke out on Sunday. Later, one of Israel’s largest hospitals also had to be evacuated.

Several homes have burned down, and 2,000 hectares of forest have gone up in smoke, according to Israeli media. Residents of three villages were not allowed to return to their homes on Tuesday.

The police believe that the fire was caused by humans, but it does not have to be arson.

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