Netflix Buys Game Studio Behind Adventure Game Oxenfree

Netflix acquires video game developer Night School Studio, developer of adventure game Oxenfree. It is the first game studio to be acquired by the American streaming company. The amount of money involved in the deal has not been disclosed.


Earlier this year, it was already announced that Netflix wants to offer video games in addition to series, documentaries and films. The first video games should be available on Netflix before the end of next year, insiders announced at the time.

For Netflix, it is important to tap into new markets. The company is still the market leader in streaming series and movies but is increasingly facing competition from Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and HBO.

Amazon is also taking steps in the field of games. On Tuesday, the web-store group had a resounding release of its new multiplayer game New World, which at one point was the most played game on the internet. That was a boost because it turned out earlier that it is still quite difficult to come up with a breakthrough game.

Amazon already released The Grand Tour Game in early 2019. That game was pulled in 2020 after a poor reception from critics and players. More than a year ago, Amazon had already discontinued its game Crucible. That game was also only a few months on the market.

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