Meta Says it has AI that can Translate 200 Languages

The algorithm should serve to improve translation on Facebook and Instagram. The model is made open source so that anyone can use it.


Facebook Mother Meta’s translation algorithm becomes open source. This should especially have consequences for speakers of lesser-known languages.

For example, automatic translation into English or Chinese is already well advanced, but with, say, Basque or, frankly, also Dutch, it is a lot more difficult to find good automatic translations. Meta’s overarching AI model should help with that.

According to Meta, the ‘No Languages Left Behind’ project is capable of translating two hundred languages, including those that are less known. The model will now be deployed on Facebook and Instagram, with plans to release it in the future on the ‘metaverse’, the virtual world that Meta is working on.

By making the model open source, CEO Mark Zuckerberg hopes to overcome communication barriers, he says in a Facebook post.

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