Merkel Alludes to A Step-By-Step Plan to Phase Out Lockdown

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has hinted at a four-step plan to phase out the lockdown.


She described this at a meeting of her CDU party as “four opening steps with no yo-yo effect,” reports the Bild newspaper, speaking to participants.

Merkel would not have gone into detail about what the plan to reopen the land entails. A working group with her close associate Helge Braun and his colleagues from federal states will consider the subject this week.

They are preparing the next summit between Merkel and regional leaders to take place in early March.

Germany has been in lockdown for months. It will last at least until March 7th. The authorities have already started to relax measures.

Schools and hardware stores opened in some places on Monday and hairdressers in Germany can also start working again from next month.

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