Melania Trump After Storming the Capitol: Violence Never Acceptable

The wife of US President Donald Trump has publicly condemned the storming of the Capitol.


“Violence is never acceptable,” emphasized Melania Trump, who also named the people who died in the US capital chaos in a statement…

Melania called last week’s events disappointing and discouraging. “It is stirring to see so many people being passionate and enthusiastic about participating in an election, but we must not permit that passion for leading to violence,” stressed the first lady.

At least five people were killed last week in the storming of the parliament building in Washington. Encouraged by the president, Trump supporters moved to the Capitol, where the election results were formally determined at the time. The violence sparked outrage in the US.

President Trump eventually condemned the riots in a video on Twitter. He has not spoken publicly about the abused cop who was killed, Brian Sicknick. Melania did so in her statement and said her heart goes out to the other people who died, including Trump supporter Ashli Babbit. She is said to have been shot by the police.

After the storm, insiders stated in American media that Melania would be angry with Trump and not go to the swearing-in of his successor Joe Biden. Melania called for reconciliation in her statement: “We must listen to each other, look at what unites us and rise above the things that divide us.”

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