London Vaccination Centres Will Soon Also Be Open At Night

Residents of the British capital London can also get vaccinated against the coronavirus at night before the end of the month.


Then a pilot project begins with puncture sites that are open around the clock, says responsible minister Nadhim Zahawi, according to Sky News.

Vaccination centres currently open at 8 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. According to the minister, these opening hours are ideal for people over 80, one of the groups whose protection was given priority.

As of this week, the policy will be broadened, and people aged 70 and older will also be vaccinated, and adults who belong to a risk group for medical reasons.

“As you go down in the age groups, it becomes more and more convenient for people to go late at night or in the early hours,” said Vaccination Policy Minister Zahawi. He emphasized that using the limited supply of vaccines to vaccinate the most vulnerable against the virus is still a priority at this point.

The metropolis of London has been hit hard by the pandemic. Mayor Sadiq Khan warned earlier this month that 1 in 20 people had contracted the virus in some parts of the metropolis.

This causes problems in hospitals and emergency services. Firefighters were forced to be called in to drive ambulances.

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