London District Stopped Sexual Abuse of 700 Children

The cover-up culture in London’s Lambeth district has resulted in more than 700 children being abused in local homes. That’s according to a damning report published today.


According to the report, sexual abuse could occur in five children’s homes in the district in the British capital for decades. In one of the homes, as many as 500 former residents have made accusations against a total of 177 employees since the 1960s. But the complaints filed by the children were almost systematically rejected. Only once was a disciplinary action taken against a high-ranking member of staff.

“No action was taken against the perpetrators, who were nevertheless known,” it sounds. “As a result, the district allowed abuse and sexual violence to thrive in the facilities. Lambeth placed vulnerable children in the path of sex offenders, who infiltrated children’s homes and foster care. That led to devastating, lifelong consequences for their victims.”

Employees treated children in homes as if they were worthless, according to the report, and showed heartless contempt for them. And that while they were paid to take care of them.”

Claire Holland, the current district council president, has apologized to the victims on behalf of Lambeth. “The council was responsible for their care and protection, but they failed. This had serious consequences,” says Holland.

The report also asks the police to reopen at least one file from 1977. The case concerns a child who was found dead in a bathroom. The district council had concealed from authorities that the child had previously accused one of the carers of sexual abuse.

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