Learn About Common Technical Glossary of the Laguiole knife

How many of you have detailed knowledge about the Laguiole knife?

Most of you would deny that Laguiole is a famous knife type that isn’t manufactured anywhere except the Laguiole village in southern France. Still, many people get confused between fake and genuine knives due to a lack of adequate knowledge.

So, before making the right purchase, you must know that selecting a Laguiole knife is your smart decision. However, the proper knowledge about the essential knife components is equally important. Without any delay, let’s check out some commonly known technical glossary of the Laguiole knife.

Abeille Forgee: The conventional tip that is still used to fold/unfold the knife is called Abeille Forgee. This is a controversial topic whether the bee is a symbol starting from the history of Napoleon introduced it during World War.

Manche Cote Gauche: The wooden component is placed on both sides of the handle and is connected together to build a firm grip for the owner. You must know that different knives use different colour schemes.

Ressort: Ressort is a French term which means the sole item that binds all components together. The internal component has strong patterns and is clubbed with other features, ‘Platine Gauche.’

Axes: These are the steel brackets that are used to bind together the handle components. These axes come in big and small steel nails, which keep the handle components connected and make the handle smooth for the buyer.

Mitre Arriere Gauche: The wooden handle is protected from the top and bottom with a steel component, which is commonly called ‘Mitre Arriere Gauche.’ This steel covering boosts the strength of your knife and makes it look fancy.

These are the most common components that collectively make the masterpiece for the fans. These components are finely crafted to transform different items into a knife that can serve you for decades.

Above all, the steel blade is the essential component of your Laguiole knife. Different manufacturers use different steel types. However, Damascus steel is highly preferred for knife fans across the globe. Mostly the manufacture’s name is engraved on the steel that depicts its authenticity and legal product. Furthermore, a guaranteed certificate is also provided that proves that you have purchased the right knife.

Renowned and authorized manufacturers of Laguiole knives always provide you with a certification of authenticity. This means you are getting a masterpiece. Furthermore, you must follow a few maintenance tips that will keep your knife active for decades to come.

You should always keep the knife away from children’s reach. Also, you must avoid keeping it underwater or cleaning it with hot water. Water above 50-degree is hazardous for your knife. Furthermore, you should also avoid cleaning your knife in a dishwasher that can make your knife dull.

So, are you ready to make the right choice and order your Laguiole knife today? Do let us know what your experience is after buying a Laguiole knife.

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