Kremlin: Biden Clearly Does Not Want A Better Relationship With Russia

US President Joe Biden is “clearly” not interested in improving relations with Moscow, Russia says.


The American responded this week in the affirmative to the question of whether his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin is a “murderer”. “These statements by the President of the United States are very bad,” a Kremlin spokesman said on Thursday.

Biden spoke in the ABC News interview about the tense relationship between Washington and Moscow. He promised that Russia would “pay the price” for alleged interference in the US election.

The American also looked back at Putin’s dialogue, in which he allegedly confessed to the Russian leader that he appears to have “no soul”. “His response was, ‘we understand each other,'” said Biden.

The president was then asked whether he sees Putin as a murderer. “Uh-huh. I do,” he replied. That statement fell badly in Russia, where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs demanded clarification.

The Russian ambassador to the US will return to Moscow on Saturday to discuss the relationship between the countries, which the embassy says is in danger of “collapsing”.

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