Kardashian Sisters Tease Kylie Jenner

Kardashian sisters tease Kylie Jenner with a big Bank Account. Now that Kylie Jenner (22) has been a billionaire for a few months, she can easily pay for it.


At least, that’s what her sisters Kim, Khloé, Kourtney and Kendall think, according to the reality star and entrepreneur.

According to Kylie, her sisters regularly joke about her gigantic bank account and pay for luxury family holidays.

“When we talk in a group app about a new trip that we want to make, they always say Kylie; you pay anyway”, said the reality star, who rake in many dollars, especially with her cosmetics company, in the talk show of Ellen DeGeneres.

“They make jokes, just like sisters are among themselves.

They are especially proud of me.”

Kylie knows for sure that the Kardashians do not expect that she will always have to flutter her credit card.

Mother Kris Jenner, was also a guest on the talk show with model agency London, jokes that she thinks otherwise.

“She only pays for me.”

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