Johnson Takes Responsibility for Election Debacle

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson takes responsibility for the embarrassing election defeat of a party member in a by-election in the North Shropshire district. As a result, the Conservatives lost a seat in the House of Commons to the Liberal Democrats.


The prime minister admitted that he is responsible for the loss in a statement. “Obviously, the result of the North Shropshire ballot is very disappointing, and I fully understand people’s frustrations. I hear what voters in North Shropshire are saying, and I have to accept that verdict humbly. So, of course, I take my personal responsibility,” Johnson told reporters.

The loss is painful because this constituency is normally won by the Tories by a large majority. In 2019, the Conservative candidate won by 23,000 votes. The Liberal Democrats unexpectedly received the most votes on Thursday. The loss is seen as a clear signal that voters are tired of recent party scandals, such as the parties at Johnson employees during the lockdown last year.

“The voters have kicked us in the butt,” Conservative party chairman Oliver Dowden said in response. Still, Dowden expressed his confidence in Johnson. “He’s the right man to lead the Conservatives in the 2024 election. Voters want the government to focus on things like vaccines and the economy, not internal party issues. If you look at the big decisions, the Prime Minister has got it right for each other.”

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