Johnson Boosts Preparations No Deal: Budget Doubling

Johnson Boosts preparations No Deal: budget Doubling. The British government is allocating billions of pounds extra to prepare for a Brexit without a deal.


To this end, emergency supplies of medicines are being built, and more border guards are being established.

Premier Johnson wants to leave the European Union at all costs on October 31.

The Johnson government is allocating an additional 2.1 billion pounds to prepare for a hard Brexit.

It doubles the budget for the UK’s departure from the European Union without a contract to 4.2 billion pounds sterling.

The money is needed to strengthen border control, to increase the capacity for issuing passports and to improve the transport and infrastructure around ports.

Also, nearly half a billion euros is being used to build up extra supplies of medicines.

A small 250 million pounds is also earmarked to inform companies and citizens and help them to prepare for a hard Brexit.

The new prime minister Boris Johnson has set the departure from the European Union as of October 31 as his most important goal.

If that is not possible with an agreement with Brussels, then without,

 he has gathered a ministerial team around him who also does not shy away from a no-deal Brexit.

“With 92 days left until the UK leaves the EU, it is vital that we intensify our planning to ensure that we are ready,”

 said Finance Minister Sajid Javid in a press statement.

Backstop is a stumbling block
The British government is mainly threatening with a hard Brexit because it cannot live with the so-called backstop,

 which is part of the deal that former Prime Minister May concluded with the EU.

The barrier is the insurance policy that should ensure that the border between Ireland (EU) and Northern Ireland (UK) can remain open in any case.

In short, the backstop requires that if no solution is found to keep the border open after the Brexit,

 the UK will remain within a customs union with the EU.

That would mean that the British must continue to adhere to many European rules and that they cannot conclude trade agreements themselves.

That is unacceptable to Johnson.

‘With or without’
“We want a good deal that will eliminate the non-democratic backstop,”

 Javid said in the announcement that there would be more budget for a no-deal Brexit.

“But if we can’t get a good deal, we have to leave without.

This extra money means that we will leave October 31, with or without a deal.”

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