Italy is Looking for Volunteers to Monitor Social Distancing

Italy is looking for 60,000 volunteers to keep an eye on people 1.5 meters apart as strict quarantine measures are slowly being phased out.


Last weekend people gathered in too large groups in many places, and the government wants to prevent this from now on.

Italy was locked in early March due to the coronavirus outbreak. It is one of the hardest-hit countries in the world.

A number of measures were relaxed last week, allowing people to go outside again for unnecessary things such as sports or meeting friends.

Cafés have also reopened, and people are allowed to travel to another region.

The government is afraid that the number of infections will rise again if people do not follow the rules.

That is why so-called civilian assistants are now being sought who can help the authorities to ensure that the rules are not broken. Unemployed people on benefits are eligible for the position.

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