Italian Ski Slopes Remain Empty This Year

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Italian winter sports enthusiasts will not take to the ski slopes in their country this year.


Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte warned that the slopes will remain closed for the time being due to corona and that a winter sports holiday is not planned this year.

“It is not possible to allow holidays in the snow because then we get the third wave,” said Conte.

The Prime Minister wants a European approach to the winter holidays and has already urged French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel to do so.

Italian ski regions have argued for the reopening of the slopes under strict rules to save the tourist season somewhat.

A skewed eye is being taken at foreign winter sports centres that may well be allowed to receive guests. France, for example, will probably decide within ten days on the reopening of the resorts for the Christmas holidays.

“If the slopes are to remain closed, it must apply to all of Europe,” said Veneto regional president Luca Zaia. “You cannot ban skiing in South Troll and allow it in Carinthia,” he said. A neighbouring ski region in Austria.

On Monday, the number of corona deaths in Italy passed the 50,000 marks.

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