Israeli Parliament Agrees to Dissolve Itself

Israel’s parliament on Wednesday voted to dissolve itself. The Knesset agreed after Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced it on Monday. With the consent of the parliamentarians, the fifth election within four years is one step closer.


The bill on the dissolution that was voted on Wednesday is not yet final. It will likely be completed next week. Once that is done, Secretary of State Yair Lapid can take over the premiership from Bennett. The reason behind the transfer of duties and the dissolution of parliament is that the two men failed to “stabilize” the governing coalition.

Bennett and Lapid took power from Benjamin Netanyahu last year by forming a broad coalition against him. The coalition has lost its majority since April when a Bennett party member withdrew her support for the party and government.

Several Israeli media have mentioned October 25 as the new election date in recent days. Left and right parties have already said they will do everything they can to keep Netanyahu out of government.

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