Is it Worth Getting A Breast Enlargement in Turkey?

The most popular breast surgery among plastic surgeries is breast enlargement. Breast augmentation is the best solution for women who want to have bigger breasts. Unlike the majority of plastic surgeries, breast enlargement requires an additional substance to be performed successfully, that is the breast implant. Considering the treatment cost and the extra cost of implants, breast augmentation operations may be very costly for women who want to have the operation.

The cost of breast enlargement operation

The price of breast augmentation differs from country to country. The good thing is that there is a price gap between the particular regions of the world. For example, in the United Kingdom, a breast augmentation operation costs about £5,000 to £8,000, and in the United States, the price is around $7,000 to $10,000. Thanks to the booming medical tourism, millions of patients can travel and find the best options for themselves in terms of economy and quality.

Turkey: The Hub of Medical Tourism

Turkey is the new rising star in medical tourism. Annually, more than 1 million medical tourists are travelling to the country to get their treatment cosmetically or recover from an illness. Plastic surgery and hair transplant and complicated surgeries such as cancer treatment, organ transplantation, or cardiovascular treatments are performed with a high rate of success.

Why is it cheaper to have a breast implant in Turkey?

The cost of breast implant operation in Turkey is about 70% cheaper than Europe and the United States. The reason for this excellent price gap depends on several factors. The most crucial one is that Turkey’s cost of labour is much lower than it is in the UK or the United States. The second factor is the exchange rate in Turkey. Both GBP and USD are higher in value when compared with the Turkish Lira.

At first glance, it is a natural inclination that one may think if something is cheap, it may be lesser in quality. Especially when it comes to health-related topics, this inclination becomes literally vital. However, in Turkey’s situation, it becomes an advantageous ground for the patients.

As Turkish doctors can perform many more surgeries than their colleagues in the United Kingdom and the United States, they are much more experienced in their profession. Moreover, thanks to the booming medical tourism, the Turkish doctors have performed many operations on different physiologies from every ethnic background.

Lastly, considering 1+ million patients coming to Turkey yearly and having their treatment successfully, the safety is ensured by the Turkish Ministry of Health’s regulations and supervision.

Should you go for breast augmentation in Turkey?

To have an affordable and high-quality breast implant operation, Turkey sounds like a very suitable option. All you need to do is conduct extensive research, get in touch with the provider and check for accreditations and submission to regulations for the clinics. MCAN Health offers breast enlargement in Turkey with all-inclusive packages and strict follow-up procedure. Also, consider the cultural affluence in Turkey and the great city of İstanbul that will present you more than meets the eye.

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