Iran wants to Withdraw Further from the Atomic Agreement

Amid severe tensions between the US and Iran, the Tehran government has announced a further partial withdrawal from the international nuclear agreement.


“We have an important meeting on this matter tonight and decide on the fifth phase of the partial withdrawal,” said ISNA news agency quoting the Foreign Ministry spokesman in Tehran on Sunday.

Tehran observers do not exclude the government from responding to the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani by further increasing the uranium enrichment to 20 percent by the US military.

Iran had sworn “revenge” to the US for killing the General. In the region, there is growing fear of a further escalation of the situation and armed conflicts.

The spokesperson did not say how and when the Islamic Republic will violate further parts of the agreement to prevent an Iranian nuclear bomb.

Iran no longer feels bound by the 2015 agreement because the US unilaterally withdrew from the treaty in 2018 and subsequently imposed severe sanctions again. The sanctions against the natural gas and oil sectors, in particular, have led to a severe economic crisis in Iran.

Despite the sanctions, the country continued to adhere to the nuclear agreement for another year, while Europeans largely tried in vain to maintain the trade promised in the agreement despite US sanctions.

But from May last year, Tehran started violating the terms of the nuclear agreement. It enriches more uranium to higher concentrations than permitted.

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