Intel is Now Going to Make Chips for Others

Intel announces a major shift in its strategy. It will build additional factories, produce chips for others, but also outsource its own chip production.


Intel is the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world, a position it alternates with Samsung. But it mainly produced Intel chips in Intel factories until now. Now it is announcing a significant change with its ‘IDM 2.0’ strategy.

The production of their own chips will continue. But in the future, the company will more often rely on other parties such as TSMC, Samsung and GlobalFoundries for its chip production and that from 2023.

At the same time, Intel establishes a new business unit: Intel Foundry Services, where it will make chips for other players. These are companies with their own chip design, but the production (‘baking’) then takes place at Intel.

Not to be confused with companies that buy Intel chips from Intel (such as laptop manufacturers). Intel will make x86, Arm and RISC-V chips.

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