How to Explore America this Summer?

Having a holiday in America is a dream. When you think about going hiking, skiing, fencing, playing, America is the best location. Camp America is a UK based summer camp organising organisation that offers you to visit America and spend quality time with friends and get a payment in return. Yes, it is possible.

All you need to do is to join a summer camp in America and teach certain skills to the students over there and get paid. America is beautiful, and so is the stay over there. Going to a summer camp not only gives you an opportunity to earn up to $1800 but also let you have fun in camping there with kids.

If you are not that type, you can earn by joining as support staff and caretakers of the children. Camp America locations cover many of the beautiful spots of America. They are affiliated with over 900 camps in different parts of America. There are different types of camps like traditional camps, speciality camps, underprivileged camps, day camps; girls scout camps, religious camps, Camps for Campers with Specific Requirements, special needs camps etc…

Some of the beautiful camp America locations are listed below:

The Rocky Mountains encompass this state. Mostly hiking and trek summer camps are set here. It is best known for its cuisine. You will find world’s best Mexican restaurants here.

Florida is the beautiful site which is famous for its sunsets and sunrises. Being the easternmost state of the US, it is known as the Sunshine State. It has a beautiful beach for water sports and fun. Miami is the cultural part of this state and gives off the best ambience to the viewers.

You will have your best shopping experience in this state. This is the second largest state in America with most of its population living in the metropolitan areas. You will find hundreds of shopping centres where you can fine traditional handicrafts, jewellery and many other exciting items.

Now, after the Rocky Mountains and sunny beaches, you will find deserts in Arizona. Experience sand skating and cowboy’s ride here in the desert where the temperature is normal enough for kids, i.e. 45°C

New York
New York needs no introduction. It is the place never to miss when being in America. It is the golden state of America. It is the state that never sleeps. The nightclubs, activity centres and adventure parks will drive you crazy.

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