Hiking, Kayaking & Camping at Vargas Island Provincial Park, BC, Canada

Vargas Island Provincial Park is a prominent camping, hiking and kayaking goal because of its extraordinary area near Tofino. It has superb, wild camping for free and an excellent feeling of remoteness from the world. Also, if you are fortunate, you may see whales go out there from Ahous Bay.

The flat and congested old trail from the Tofino side of Vargas Island to Ahous Bay is 3.6 kilometres long. It is making this a simple day-hike from Tofino, at a little more than 7 kilometres roundtrip, trailhead to trailhead.

Vargas Island’s, Ahous Bay has numerous attributes that make it unbelievable. In the first place, its location, which makes it unique and beautiful in its way. Isolated from the territory, Vargas Island is visited by a modest division of the groups of travellers that drop on Pacific Rim National Park.

On the off chance that you visit Ahous Bay on a bright sunny day in June, you may have the whole shoreline to yourself. During busier long periods of summer, you will in any case experience several dozen guests. Also, these are spread out more than a few kilometres and on various beaches.

Camp Canada to witness the adventures of kayaking, hiking and camping at the Vargas Island.


Camp Canada: Hiking at Vargas Island

Another significant element of Vargas Island’s, Ahous Bay is its ideal west-bound shoreline. Confronting straight out at the Pacific Ocean, with only the blue sea facing you. North America at your back and the Pacific Ocean spread out before you gives you a great feeling.

The absence of usage fee of Vargas Island Provincial Park is one more incredible component of the recreation centre. The trail is a little rough and rugged. However, it is worth the adventurous hiking experience. The antiquated promenade is disintegrating, and the campground region at Ahous Bay has just one pit toilet.

The shoreline is free of artificial developments that bring down the natural beauty of the park. No huge signboards, only a couple little park signs at the trailhead and campground at Ahous Bay.


Camp Canada: Camping at Vargas Island

The old trail takes on a genuine, historic and authentic feel with its absence of modern developments and upkeep. This makes the trail dubious about exploring at times as you will fall all over in any event once as you move over free and tricky wooden areas of the trail.

The majority of the western and lovely side of Vargas Island is inside the Vargas Island Provincial Park. The monstrous and incredible Ahous Bay is the camping goal for most on Vargas. You can camp anyplace on the delightful shorelines in the recreation centre for free, and there is one little pit toilet covered up in the timberland at the southern end of the bay.


Camp Canada: Kayaking at Vargas Island

Even though it is a well-known kayaking goal, Vargas Island is so near Tofino that numerous canoe across it. You never move away from the sight of the land and are in protected water the whole way. You can stash your kayak in the region of the Vargas Island Inn, and you will see the Telegraph Trail to Ahous Bay alongside the Inn.

Make sure to ask authorisation at the Inn to keep your kayak on their property before doing as such. The Telegraph Trail is a simple and adequately utilised 3-kilometre trail that has little height gain; however, an incredible greener area. Make sure to bring bunches of water as Ahous Bay has almost no drinkable water.

Taking a boat taxi from Tofino is an incredible alternative as it is advantageous, speedy and modest to the Telegraph Trail trailhead. Tofino Taxi will take you there and back for about $40, and you can telephone them to arrange a pickup whenever you want. They can even drop you at Ahous Bay. However, it is costlier.

Kayaking, hiking and camping at Vargas island are one of a kind camp Canada experience that you must not miss for anything.

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