Half A Million Oregon Residents are Fleeing Forest Fires

In the US state of Oregon, half a million people have had to leave their homes due to the significant wildfires.


For several days, dozens of wildfires have been raging in the state of Oregon, which has already reduced over 364,000 acres. 4 people have already died in the fires, in the neighbouring state of California the fires have already cost at least 10 lives.

Hundreds of thousands of people in the US state of Oregon have been told to leave their homes for the advancing wildfires. The Oregon State Crisis Center estimates that half a million people will have to go, representing more than 10 percent of the total population.

The 9000 inhabitants of the town of Molalla are in that case. They have to leave before the approaching fire.

The fire brigade has to withdraw temporarily because two large fires are about to merge. We are not giving up, let the fire department know on Twitter, it is going on a tactical break.

In the past three days, the fire has already reduced 364,000 hectares to ashes, almost double the area that burns down in an average year.

There are currently 37 fires in Oregon, fueled by an unusually hot, dry wind. Those fires already killed at least 4 people.

One of those fires, dubbed Almedabrand, has wreaked havoc in villages around the town of Ashland, not far from the California border. At least 600 houses and caravans have been burned down.

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