Greek Prime Minister Admits Mistakes in Fighting Forest Fires

Fighting the forest fires in Greece could have been better, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis acknowledged in a debate with parliament on Wednesday.


As a result, more fire-fighting planes will be launched next year, and a new authority will be set up to better coordinate auxiliary troops’ deployment.

The fire destroyed parts of the island of Evia last summer during scorching heatwaves and also threatened the outer edge of the Greek capital Athens. Since early August, an average of 60 fires a day has broken out, burning more than 100,000 hectares of forests and shrubs.

“We were well prepared, but not well enough to deal with this phenomenon,” said Mitsotakis. He assured that the government would investigate the events in detail to prevent mistakes from being repeated. However, he underlined once again that a lot needs to change to combat global warming.

According to the prime minister, the evacuation system in which residents are warned via SMS has contributed to the fact that there were no casualties. He reiterated that anyone whose home has been damaged gets help. Mitsotakis thanked the 23 countries that helped fight the fires.

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