Google is Starting With Passkeys as a Step to Abolish Passwords

With two-factor authentication, in addition to your password, you also need an extra unique code or confirmation to log in.

Google is going to roll out the passkeys worldwide for Google Accounts.

A year ago, Google, Microsoft and Apple agreed with the FIDO Alliance to unify standards for passwordless authentication across platforms, devices and browsers. Google will now open up the technology to user accounts by allowing users to log in via a passkey.

Such a passkey allows you, for example, to log in with your fingerprint or a hardware key and not with your password. As a result, the passkey is a more secure alternative to passwords, which are increasingly easy to crack.

Depending on the implementation, they can be a better alternative to two-factor authentication or password managers. Passkeys synchronize your authentication across different devices via the cloud. They use cryptographic key pairs for this, so you can log in to websites and apps with the same biometric data you now use for your smartphone.

Those who want to use passkeys can activate them by logging into their Google Account.

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