Gilead Reports Encouraging News in Corona Drug Research

An experimental corona medicine from Gilead Sciences helps corona patients recover faster than reasonable care.


At least that is what the first results of an American research institute point to, say pharmaceutical Gilead in a message to investors.

The study is being conducted by the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and revolves around the drug redeliver.

Many details are not yet known, but the news is raising hopes for the first effective treatment of the disease caused by the new coronavirus.

According to Gilead, the researchers will soon be presenting more details of the study. The NIAID would not respond yet.

Remdesivir was previously identified as a potential drug for lung disease. Experts and also the financial markets keep a close eye on every news about the drug. Multiple studies of the drug are underway, and much remains unclear.

The conscious trial that Gilead now reported measured how quickly patients no longer needed additional oxygen therapy and could be released from the hospital. It is not yet known how significant the effect of the drug was on the patients.

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