Germany Will Only Administer the Janssen Vaccine to People Over 60

In principle, Germany will only use the corona vaccine from Janssen in Leiden to vaccinate people over 60.


Young people can still receive the drug voluntarily after consultation with a doctor, the Minister of Health and the federal states have decided, according to the DPA news agency.

The decision has to do with potential side effects. Janssen’s vaccine could lead to a rare and dangerous combination of blood clots and a low platelet count in some people.

Earlier this month, Denmark was the first country to stop using the drug altogether, but many other countries feel that this step is going too far. The European medicine watchdog EMA and the World Health Organization have approved Janssen. They point out that the dangerous side effects hardly occur.

Janssen’s vaccine from Leiden was approved in the European Union in March, including Germany. Unlike other vaccines used in the EU, it only needs to be administered once.

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