German Organization Sues Tesla Over Privacy and Environmental Claims

A German consumer interest group is suing car manufacturer Tesla in Berlin for misleading customers. According to the Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband (VZBV), the American manufacturer of electric cars is silent that a monitoring function is contrary to privacy legislation.


Tesla would also give too much of the climate benefits that the sale of plug-in cars provides.

The VZBV falls over a function that should prevent the theft of Teslas. The advocacy group states that it is virtually impossible for Tesla drivers to engage without violating privacy laws, while they are not informed about it. Multiple cameras in the cars monitor the environment, sometimes saving recordings. Passers-by filmed should permit for this.

According to the VZBV, Tesla is also not honest about the consequences of the CO2 emissions of Tesla’s activities. Where the company in advertisements screens CO2 emissions of “0 grams per kilometre” and the acceleration of sustainable transport, thanks to Tesla, other car manufacturers can continue emitting greenhouse gases.

Tesla earns a lot of money by selling emission rights, which it receives for its own sustainability, to fossil industry peers. However, the consumer club complains that Tesla people who buy a brand car can only find information about it on page 30 of an online English-language environmental report.

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