Friend of Dayton Shooter Arrested for Helping Body Armor

Friend of Dayton Shooter Arrested for Helping Body Armor. The US authorities have picked up a friend of the man who shot nine people in Dayton, Ohio.


The 24-year-old man has admitted that he has purchased an accessory for an AR-15 rifle, a large warehouse, and protective clothing for 24-year-old shooter Connor Betts.

At the beginning of August, Betts shot nine people at a bar, including his sister. The police himself subsequently shotted him.

The authorities have since arrested his friend Ethan Kollie. He bought and kept things that Betts later used during the attack.

According to the authorities, there is still no evidence that Kollie deliberately participated in preparations for the attack. He is suspected of lying about his drug use when he bought himself a gun. The man risks a prison sentence of fifteen years.

Kollie would have admitted that he repeatedly used drugs with his friend Betts. However, when purchasing a gun, he stated on a form that he did not use illegal drugs.

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