French Prosecutors Charge Drug Giant Sanofi With Manslaughter

Prosecutors in France have charged pharmaceutical giant Sanofi with manslaughter.


The accusation comes in a long-running lawsuit against the French multinational about a drug especially epilepsy and migraine, which went on the market in 1967.

The drug has caused severe disabilities in tens of thousands of children born to mothers using the drug. Four babies have died.

The case revolves around valproic acid, which is sold under the name Depakine. An estimated 15,000 to 30,000 children have fallen victim to this, according to French studies.

More than 40 private cases against Sanofi are still pending on the matter.

The company describes the allegations as entirely unfounded because it has warned about the potential side effects and risks in accordance with the rules.

There is no legal ground to sue the company over the misuse of the drug, according to Sanofi.

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