France Stops NATO Mission to Quarrel With Turkey

France Stops NATO Mission to Quarrel With Turkey. France is temporarily withdrawing from a NATO mission in the Mediterranean.


The French are demanding a response from the NATO summit over their concerns about Turkey’s role in the mission.

The two NATO members have a fierce argument over each other’s role in the Libyan civil war

A French defence official reports on Wednesday that NATO has been notified of the temporary French withdrawal.

In a letter to NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg, France submits four clearance requests for the Sea Guardian mission. That mission works in conjunction with the EU’s mission to maintain a UN arms embargo on Libya.

The results of an investigation into an incident between French and Turkish navy ships would be the direct reason for the French withdrawal.

France and Turkey have been on a collision course for several days due to harsh criticism of each other’s roles in the Libyan civil war.

French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday accused Turkey of “a historical criminal responsibility” for the situation in Libya.

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