Former Italian Pm Berlusconi Embarrasses Meloni Government Again With Remark About Zelensky

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi embarrassed the government of his coalition partner Giorgia Meloni with a remark about Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky. Berlusconi let slip that Zelensky is to blame for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodimir made his first much-discussed visit to the European institutions last week. He also met with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni there.

An interview that could not count on Berlusconi’s approval, he said last night. “Had I been prime minister, I would never have gone to talk to Zelensky because I judge this man’s attitude as very negative,” he said. According to Berlusconi, there would not have been a war if Zelensky “had stopped attacking the two autonomous republics in the Donbas.”

With his statement, Berlusconi embarrasses the government of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, which includes his own party Forza Italia. From the start of the war, Meloni has profiled itself as pro-Ukraine and pro-NATO. She, therefore, hurried to issue a press release in which she made it clear that Italy continues to support Ukraine strongly and continuously.

Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, a party member of Berlusconi, also assured that “Italy is always on the side of Ukrainian independence, of Europe, of NATO and of the West.”

It is not the first time Berlusconi has tackled his government with pro-Russian statements. It has never been a secret that he gets along very well with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Last fall, it was leaked that Berlusconi and Putin had sent gifts and “love notes” back and forth on Berlusconi’s birthday.

Even then, Meloni – in full government formation at that time – was forced to emphasize in a press release that there would be no room in her government for those who did not accept her foreign policy vision.

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