Finnish Police are Investigating Hacked Email Accounts of Parliamentarians

The Finnish parliament reports that the police are investigating the hack of several email accounts of members of parliament and employees.


The cyberattack took place in recent months and was discovered by the parliament’s technical security system.

It is as yet unclear who may be behind the computer burglary. Parliament Speaker Anu Vehvilainen called the hack “a serious threat to democracy and Finnish society.”

‘To strengthen cybersecurity, we must take our own national measures and actively engage in cooperation within the EU and internationally,’ she added. While the investigation is ongoing, the Finnish Parliament did not want to comment further.

“This is no coincidence,” said the Finnish National Investigation Service chief inspector, who could not yet say how many email accounts have been hacked.

Earlier this year, Norway’s parliament was also hit by a similar cyber attack. There, authorities linked to hackers associated with the Russian military security service.

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