Finland’s New 34-Year-Old Prime Minister to be Youngest in the World

34-year-old Sanna Marin was appointed by the Finnish Social Democrats to succeed party-mate Antti Rinne, who resigned last week. She will be the youngest Finnish prime minister ever.


The Social Democrats are not the only party that puts women at the top in Finland.

The former Prime Minister Antti Rinne had to leave because of an argument with his most important coalition partner.

The Social Democrats are pushing Marin to replace him, and since the other partners have already indicated that they want to hold on to the coalition and the government program, nothing seems to stand in the way of the change of power.

Marin thus becomes the youngest prime minister in the history of Finland, currently chairing the Council of Ministers of the European Union. At the moment she is still Minister of Transport and Communications, the parliament will probably vote on her appointment next week.

The young prime minister is not the only woman at the helm in Finland. They are also in the majority in the government itself. Eleven of the 19 ministers are women, and of the five governing parties, four are led by women.

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