Expert: Target Vaccine Promising Thanks to Genetic Instructions

Independent research on a targeted vaccine from AstraZeneca Oxford shows that it perfectly follows genetic instructions with which it is programmed.


This makes the drug more effective because it triggers a powerful response from the patient’s immune system. It’s excellent news for those fighting the virus, according to the study’s leader David Matthews of the University of Bristol.

AstraZeneca Oxford’s ‘vaccine brewers’ have also faced some setbacks recently. On Wednesday it was announced that a young Brazilian had died who was involved as a test subject in the development of the drug.

It is not known what the Brazilian died off, but observers state that he did not receive the intended drug because otherwise the experiments would have already been stopped.

US trials of the drug have been halted for more than a month. The study was halted when a subject in England fell ill in September. However, it has recently resumed in Brazil, India, the United Kingdom and South Africa.

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