EU Signs Gas Deal With Egypt and Israel

On the sidelines of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s visit to Egypt, Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson signed a cooperation agreement with Egypt and Israel on Wednesday on the supply of natural gas from those countries to Europe.


The European Union wants to accelerate the reduction of its dependence on Russian fossil fuels. That is why she is looking worldwide for alternative suppliers for gas, oil and coal. This is partly why von der Leyen visited Israel on Monday and Egypt on Tuesday.

In Cairo, Energy Commissioner Simson signed a memorandum with Egyptian minister Tarek El Molla and Israeli minister Karine Elharrar on Tuesday. The three parties commit to working together to supply natural gas to Europe through the Egyptian LNG terminals. The natural gas itself can be found in Israel and Egypt itself, as well as elsewhere in the Eastern Mediterranean.

No agreements have been made about specific volumes.

The EU, Egypt and Israel emphasize that the aim remains to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In that context, they also want to prevent methane leaks.

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