EU President: Put the EU on Its Own Feet After the Kabul Debacle

The European Union must ensure that it does not once again lack the military strength to bring endangered EU citizens such as those in Kabul to safety, says EU President Charles Michel.


That EU countries had to rely so much on the United States to evacuate their people has made it clear, according to Michel, that the EU must strive for “a greater capacity to act globally”.

The evacuation of personnel and other citizens of EU countries from Taliban overrun Kabul was difficult. Many other European countries turned out to be dependent on the Americans.

This must not happen to the EU again, believes Michel, the president of the heads of government of the EU member states.

“We need to think openly and clearly about a new phase in our collective security and defence capabilities,” Michel said at a strategic summit in Slovenia. One ‘Afghanistan’ should suffice for that conclusion, he thinks.

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