EU Member State Malta will Also Start With an Extra Corona Shot in September

EU member state Malta will give vulnerable groups an extra corona jab from mid-September. Health Minister Chris Fearne said people with weak immune systems and the elderly in nursing homes would then be eligible for such a ‘vaccine booster’.


The small island nation of Malta is one of the world’s leading vaccinators, with more than three-quarters of the population fully vaccinated. However, by offering certain groups an extra corona shot next month, the country ignores a call from the World Health Organization. The WHO has asked countries to refrain from administering vaccine boosters for the time being until more people worldwide have been vaccinated.

In addition to Malta, France and Germany also have plans in Europe to administer those extra shots to vulnerable groups from September. Lithuania already started that on Wednesday. However, the British newspaper The Telegraph reported on Sunday that the United Kingdom has already given up. According to insiders, the government wants to have almost 2.5 million third doses per week administered from the beginning of September.

WHO CEO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus showed understanding this week for countries that want to protect their inhabitants against the highly contagious Delta variant. Still, he called it unacceptable that rich countries that “have used up most of the world’s vaccine stock” now need even more vaccine doses to start administering boosters. He called for a moratorium on those ‘booster vaccines’ until at least the end of September.

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