EU is Considering Trade Strategy for Maintaining Iran Deal

EU is Considering Trade Strategy for Maintaining Iran Deal. The EU is considering protecting European companies that are active in both Iran and the US against US sanctions, reports Forbes News.


The union may introduce a previously proper regulation for this. With the legislation, the EU does not recognise the sanctions and businesses can continue to operate. Will be rewarded for any losses.

The European Commission has taken the scenario planned in 1996 to save the nuclear agreement with Iran.

US President Donald Trump has withdrawn from the 2015 deal and wanted to introduce sanctions again.

At a summit in Sofia, Sofia, EU leaders negotiated ways to protect European companies against this and are positive about the ‘blockade status’.

 Established at the time when the US threatened sanctions against European companies trading with Cuba, Libya and Iran.

The EU is keen to maintain the Iran deal because, according to the union, it provides the best guarantee for security in the region and Europe. Other options are also on the table.

According to Prime Minister Mark Rutte, it is ‘essential that the EU continues to stand united’ in association with the US. He, therefore, refers to ” pressing issues ”, such as the nuclear agreement with Iran and the trade relationship.

In conversation
It is essential for Europe to remain in talks with the US, but it can not be the case that we are negotiating with the US about our trade relationship.”

About the impending American import duties on steel and aluminium as of 1 June he said: ” Our goal is a permanent exception or, even better, elimination of the taxes.

Europe is prepared to work with the US on shared concerns such as overcapacity in the steel and aluminium markets and the protection of intellectual property. ”

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