EU Agrees on New Sanctions Against Belarus

EU foreign ministers have agreed on the third round of sanctions against Belarus.


According to EU foreign chief Josep Borrell, the situation in the country is deteriorating further, and there will be no end to the oppression of the population by the regime of President Aleksandr Lukashenko.

“The new sanctions will target not only individuals but also institutions and companies,” the Spaniard said after a video conference with ministers.

The EU had already threatened to take new measures last week after an opposition campaigner was killed in protests in the capital, Minsk.

“This is our response to the atrocities, and this is our support for the population,” said Borrell. “It is clear that there is no positive signal from Belarus to enter into any dialogue with us.

So we respond with the tools we have.” Punishing companies are sensitive because they generate economic activity, he emphasized.

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