Elon Musk Wants to Test Brain Chip on Humans

Elon Musk has proposed a prototype computer chip that connects to the brain. His company Neuralink wants to test the chip on people with paralysis.


The prototype is about the size of a coin and can transfer information between neurons and a smartphone via Bluetooth. The prototype is currently being tested on pigs.

Musk showed the pig Gertrude on a web stream, where a chip was inserted two months ago. In the video, Neuralink shows the animal’s brain activity. “It is a kind of Fitbit in your brain with small wires”, he describes the device.

The device consists of about a thousand electrodes that are installed in different neutrons in the brain.

These electrodes are then connected to the actual implant that sits on top of the brain, probably in the skull or behind the ear. Neuralink developed a unique robot for the implantation of the device.

During the presentation, Musk said he wants to start testing the chip on paralyzed people. The company created the procedure last year to obtain approval for testing on humans.

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