Elon Musk Removes His Instagram Account After The Riot

Elon Musk Removes his Instagram Account after the Riot about the Exhibition. Elon Musk has removed his Instagram account or put it on non-active. The action follows a week in which the Tesla founder operated the social network with rapper Azealia Banks.


It occurred in the aftermath of his tweets about the stock exchange of Tesla.

Musk had about eight million followers, according to an archived version of his profile.

The Tesla founder has been under stress for weeks in connection with remarkable and premature tweets about a possible exchange of Tesla.

He stunned friend and opponent early this month by tweeting that he wants to get his company off the stock for 420 dollars per share.

That price was 20 percent higher than the share price of that day.

Later he tweeted: “Funding secured (the financing is round, red)”.Then it turned out to be premature.

Musk is talking to a Saudi state investment fund, but the deal is still far from complete.

A quick search for investors
Rapper Azealia Banks also plays a role in the affair. She said she was visiting Musk that day and told the American site Business Insider that after his last tweet about the financing,

 Musk soon went looking for investors “to cover himself after that tweet,” Banks told Business Insider.

According to a later placed and now removed tweet of the rapper Musk would then have forced her to hand in her phone. Otherwise, there would be a lawsuit.

High work pressure and sleeping pills
Musk stated last week that he has the most challenging year ever. In the past few months,

 the car manufacturer has had to significantly progress the production of its cars to meet production objectives and satisfy shareholders.

At the beginning of July, the company reached the goal of five thousand vehicles per week.

“Musk stated, that on a personal level, the worst is yet to come, as far as Tesla is concerned”.

Reported, that how he sometimes works for more than 24 hours, days do not come outside the Tesla factory and must to use sleeping pills to be able to sleep.

Earlier it turned out that Musk his girlfriend, the Canadian singer Grimes, no longer follows Twitter and Instagram, so many wonders if the two are still together.

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