Elon Musk Challenges Bernie Sanders and Hints at Selling Even More Tesla Stock

Elon Musk, the CEO of car maker Tesla and the wealthiest person globally, has criticized US Senator Bernie Sanders in a series of tweets after he again called for billionaires to pay more taxes.


The eccentric businessman also hinted that he might be selling even more Tesla stock.

Sanders, 80, who unsuccessfully ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016 and 2020, tweeted on Saturday that “we must demand that the super-rich pay their fair share.”

He didn’t mention Musk by name, but that didn’t stop Musk from immediately answering Sanders. “I keep forgetting you’re still alive,” the Tesla CEO sounded defiant, followed by: “Do you want me to sell more shares, Bernie? You have to say it.”

Musk recently sold more than $6.9 billion of his company’s shares, after which Tesla’s share plunged 15 percent. The sale came after the world’s richest person asked his followers on Twitter whether or not he should sell 10 percent of his shares in the automaker.

Earlier, the Democrats in the United States had come up with a proposal to, among other things, tax the shares of billionaires more heavily.

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